Cheddar or Stilton? What your Favourite Cheese Says About You

Like us, you might have read an article in the Huffington Post last year discussing what your favourite cheese says about you. This is an estimable piece of writing – not least because it makes it very clear that anyone who doesn’t like cheese at all has no business even reading it – and it got us all thinking about our own tastes in cheese and the horrid truths they might reveal about us. So with all due acknowledgement to the Huffington Post, here’s our take on our own personal cheesy favourites…


You are a cheese classicist – traditional, straightforward and resolutely undazzled by any fancy frippery. A Cheddar fan’s tastes may lie anywhere between mild or extra mature, but what unites this group is their total and utter rejection of any of the fancy new Cheddar off-shoots, such as pre-grated or – even worse – the flavoured Cheddar.


Another traditional type, but of a slightly more anti-social disposition – for many Stilton fans, the stinkier the better. Ideally, other household members will recoil in horror at the smell emanating from the fridge when opened even for the briefest second, thereby leaving your cheese cache completely safe from marauding hands.


Lovers of soft rind cheeses are widely regarded to be amongst the most intelligent people on the planet. They are also attractive, witty, successful and quite remarkably popular. I will observe in passing that this is my own particular favourite type of cheese.

Wensleydale with Cranberries

Perhaps a more reluctant or recent convert to the cheese world, you are the opposite of the Ched-head: you actively embrace the combination of a traditional cheese with a perky extra flavour – reasoning, no doubt, that the addition of fruit is a far more enticing prospect that the addition of a good shot of mould.

Goats’ Cheese:

You are not afraid to be a little bit different – you know what you like and are happy to stand by your choices, although you are slightly fed up now with people rubbishing your favourite cheese by asserting that "it’s just a bit too goaty".


You are a cheery, sunny person whose personality is reflected in this cheery, sunny cheese. You have fond memories of being allowed to dip an Edam sandwich in some cream of tomato soup when off sick from school, and buy Babybel for your children’s lunchboxes purely so you can eat them yourself.

Laughing Cow/Dairylea

A controversial inclusion on a list for cheese-lovers, but he who is tired of a sneaky round of cheese triangles on toast is SURELY tired of life…

So that’s what we think – do you have a favourite cheese not listed here? Tweet us @icheeseawards and let us know what your choice says about you!