October Blog – Christmas comes early with our Burt’s Cheese Competition!

Whether you love it or loathe it, Christmas is on the horizon and fast approaching. Personally, I love it – it’s a great excuse to eat more cheese, particularly now I’ve heard that one of my absolute favourites will be available at Booth’s supermarkets over the festive period. And the even better news is that we’ve got some to give away in this month’s competition!

Award-winning cheese from right here in Cheshire

Burt’s Cheese is a real local success story, starting life in 2009 in Altrincham, Cheshire and receiving almost instant recognition with a gold award at the International Cheese Awards for Burt’s Blue in 2010. Since then, Burt’s Cheese has become one of our best-loved local brands, as well as achieving national and international recognition – cheesemaker Claire Burt was named as Observer Food Monthly Best Producer in 2013. The cheese is all handmade in small vats, and the time and care invested in this process is clear in the rich taste and texture of each of the cheeses.

The best-known cheese in the range is probably still the original Burt’s Blue, a semi-soft cheese made using pasteurised cow’s milk from local dairies and pierced during the ripening process to allow the growth of mild blue veins. The range has grown since those early days though, and now includes a host of other favourites. Drunken Burt is the same cheese but washed in cider rather than allowed to develop as a blue cheese, giving the cheese a beautiful golden colour and a smooth, slightly smoky taste. DiVine. launched in 2015 and is made in much the same way as Burt's Blue, but instead of piercing to encourage the development of blue veins through the paste, the cheese is washed in cider and when the coat has developed it is then wrapped in vine leaves. The 'paste' of cheese takes on some of the taste of the cider, and as the vine leaves keep all that lovely flavour locked in, the cheese develops characteristics more like a typical washed rind cheese as it matures. I’m delighted to hear that Booth’s supermarkets will be stocking DiVine this Christmas! And now there’s a new kid on the Burt block - CamemBURT is made with Jersey milk which gives it a unique colour and rich flavour. It’s a young cheese so is firmer and milder, but as it matures it becomes softer and full of flavour – it’s also perfect for baking!

Enter our October Competition with Burt’s Cheese on Twitter and Facebook

To celebrate the upcoming festivities, Claire Burt has kindly given us three baby truckles of cheese for one lucky winner – one each of Burt’s Blue, CamemBURT and DiVine.

There are two ways to enter and stand a chance of winning this amazing prize. Like our new Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/theinternationalcheeseawards and make sure you share the competition post – you’ll recognise Claire Burt posing behind a board laden with cheese! You can also keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@iCheeseAwards) for one of the special competition tweets over the coming week, then simply retweet and make sure you’re following both us and @BurtsCheese. Winner will be drawn at random from entries across both sites at 8pm on Wednesday 18th October 2017 - UK residents over the age of 18 only please. Good luck everyone!