21st November 2016

At the International Cheese Awards, we’re very proud to host the world’s biggest and best cheese show right here in the beautiful Cheshire countryside – but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate all the other wonderful things on our...

07th November 2016

So, Christmas is on the horizon and whether we like it or not, it’s time to turn our thoughts to festive celebrations and what exactly to buy for the person who has everything.

27th October 2016

All Change: Bradburys’ Chris Chisnall is our new Chairman

We were all very sad when Bruce Macdonald stepped down this summer as ICA Chairman after three years’ service, but are excited to welcome his successor,...

26th September 2016

If you follow us on social media, you can have hardly failed to notice me trumpeting on about our Twitter milestone over the summer – yes, we’ve reached 10,000 followers.

21st September 2016

Spreading the Word about The International Cheese Awards

02nd September 2016

It’s just over a month now since the 119th International Cheese Awards took place in Nantwich, Cheshire – and it’s been business as usual for all of the cheese makers, traders and dairy industry professionals who helped make it the...

05th August 2016

Well, what a triumph this year’s show turned out to be – ICA2016 broke all the records and might just have been the best one yet.

27th July 2016

The International Cheese Awards at Nantwich continues to be the biggest and best cheese show in the world, breaking yet another set of records at this year’s show.

08th July 2016

Normally at this time every month we turn our spotlight on one of our sponsors or on a great cheese producer – but as it’s July, this month it’s all about us!

The Biggest and Best Cheese Show in the World

28th June 2016

It’s mid-summer and we’re now just one month away from the biggest and best cheese show in the world!